A New Season

A couple of weeks ago I joined a group of inspiring women for the first dressage competition of the season. We had beautiful spring days at Otter Creek Farm in Wisconsin, graciously void of rain and bugs. I went as honorary horse show mom, driver, reader, cheerleader, and treat giver. (Diego and I will make our debut in a month.) While I had wished I was riding, it was fulfilling to assist friends and get a feel for a new year of competition as a spectator. Highs and…

The Work, Barn Balance

The last two weeks found me drowning in work to the point where I was too breathless to even ponder writing a blog. It also brought the inspiration to wonder about the work, barn balance. It is a real teeter totter ride trying to figure out how to fit it all in at times. The emails, meetings, driving, grooming, riding, tending to nicks and dings, vet appointments, farrier hours, saddle fittings, and never-ending laundry all seem to get thrown about during the week. I often find myself exhausted,…

Soaked Cubes

Keeping up with the needs of an aging horse is no easy task, (and could easily fill this blog for a couple of months). Our old guy, Henley, seems to do well for a while and then suddenly something changes with him and we notice he is losing weight. There seems to be a cumulative effect, where he is fine with a certain amount of food until all of a sudden he isn’t. He is 30 years old, and is a finicky eater. Anxiety is his main personality…

Community Spotlight: Everything Eventing

Community Spotlight: Everything Eventing When I was down in Ocala, FL to visit Liz Lund we had a conversation about how to connect people within the horse community. Liz and her friends Jessa and Kinsey Lux were looking for a good platform where people could easily search for sale horses, find equipment, ask questions, and share ideas. There isn’t really a single social platform for horse people. With such a fragmented online community, they were trying to figure out one easy place for people to join for sharing…



To share stories, ideas, conversations, and learning from experiences in the horse world.


To make horse knowledge more approachable to a wider audience.


To be stewards of our equine friends, honoring the connection with these animals and promoting the ethical, loving care that they deserve.


My inspiration behind Equine Diaries comes from a desire to share the joys, curiosities and complexities, the teachings, and the wonder of being with horses.

I wanted my mission statement, which can be read above, to be a holistic approach to the equine world that includes people from diverse backgrounds. To keep horse sports accessible I believe we need to appeal and connect with both involved horse people and the greater public.

There will be a small team working with me, and we will invite regular guest contributors to provide multi-dimensional perspectives to the discussions and ideas we cover. These will be delivered through written posts, short video clips, photography, and other images and resources that will illustrate our equine journeys.


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