Horses are my passion. They have taught me a lot of what I know about life. They keep me healthy and honest, and have taught me how to respond to the world around me. I am in debt to them, and I would never want to go without being connected to them. This being said, there have been years when I rarely was around horses. Life took over, and juggling the cost and responsibilities of a horse just wasn’t realistic. However, the deeper I dive into a corporate job that keeps me in front of a screen all day, the more I realize I need to get back to my horsey roots.

My inspiration behind Equine Diaries comes from a desire to share the joys, curiosities and complexities, the teachings, and the wonder of being with horses. My mission is threefold:

  1. To share stories, ideas, conversations, and learning from experiences in the horse world.
  2. To make horse knowledge more approachable to a wider audience, whether you are a professional in the industry, an amateur , or someone who just finds them beautiful and wants to know more.
  3. To be stewards of our equine friends, honoring the connection with these animals who give us so much, and to promote the ethical, loving care that they deserve.

I have had a diverse history working with horses, but my main focus has been in dressage. I also love combining travel with horses, be it going to a horse event, or riding in another country, either in a lesson situation or an organized trail ride. Much of this blog will focus in these two areas in some regard, however conceptually I will expand into various themes and topics.

We will invite regular guest contributors to provide multi-dimensional perspectives to the discussions and ideas we cover. These will be delivered through written posts, short video clips, photography, and other images and resources that will illustrate our equine journeys.

Here is a taste of some of the topics you will find:

Key Conversations

Horse people can talk for hours, discussing all aspects of horse training and care. We love digging into topics and ideas that we feel aren’t necessarily represented in day-to-day horse talk, or even typical training sessions. There is always something to explore and learn. We will bring in a variety of thoughts from various resources to explore some of our burning questions.

Reflections of a Grand-Prix Dressage Horse

I want to share my adventure of riding my mom’s horse, Diego, and our goal of showing at the grand-prix level in Wellington, Florida. There is a twist to it in that I will write it from Diego’s perspective. I feel it will not only be more amusing, but looking at our training from his perspective will give us insight into how our tactics affect his experience and reactions.

Training Discoveries

The “aha” moments can be so subtle with horses, and they can come after weeks, months, and even years of attempting to understand a piece of theory in practice. When you learn something from a horse it can come from dedicated practice, an accidental discovery, a painful lesson, or from careful listening and observation. We are excited to explore what people have learned when working with horses.

Horse Etiquette

Behavior that is ethical, respectful, and compassionate is important when being around horses. I feel like etiquette is important to keep people and their animals safe and anxiety free. This makes the experience for everyone much more enjoyable. It is especially important for visitors, spectators, and people who don’t have much experience around horses.

Health of the Horse and Rider

When both the horse and the rider are healthy, physically and mentally, then the learning process is more rewarding and we are more emotionally in tune to each other. We will explore how people keep themselves and their horses fit, investigate issues that come up, and look into new trends. Also, we will dive into the importance of social and emotional well-being and how that completes a holistic picture of health.

Equine Travels

Here we will cover our adventures and ideas that combine my two favorite things: horses and travel. Nothing is more inspiring than planning an equine adventure. We will look at the types of activities you can find while traveling, popular destinations, and how to plan horsey trips. Hopefully we get to share some of our own horse travel adventures.

Art, Book, Movie, and Product Reviews

We love all things horse! Finding the right movie, book, or hoof pick can be tricky. It is fairly easy to find entertainment for kids, but as an adult choosing a book or a movie that keeps you engaged and not rolling your eyes isn’t so simple. As a fan of artistic talent, we will also be on the lookout for artwork and crafts that have an equine flavor. Our findings will be shared, and we will provide links to shopping ideas that we think are worthy. Coming soon we will have our own shop that will highlight horse designs.

I imagine we will expand on our topics as we move through this journey. We are happy to hear any constructive feedback or suggestions on what to cover, so please reach out to us on the contact page. Thank you for joining us in celebrating and learning with our horses!

Stay tuned! Dana

Note: Everything on this site is based on personal experience and research. We do not profess it to be an absolute truth, as everything can change based on someone’s experience, situation, horse, and background knowledge. If you see something that you feel needs another perspective, or if you would like to add any factual knowledge, please reach out to us with your thoughts and resources. We are open-minded and welcome constructive input.

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